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Wheeled Pet Carriers

Wheeled pet carriers make taking your dog with you a snap, either across town or cross-country.

Even small dogs can become a heavy burden to carry over long distances. Wheeled pet carriers make it easy to bring dogs weighing up to 30 pounds just about anywhere. Wheeled pet carriers are easy to maneuver and usually allow you to keep one of your hands free for opening doors, carrying your own bags, etc.

Get Free Shipping (ground) -- No Minimum Purchase! If traveling by air, first contact your airline to find out what their requirements/restrictions are for pet carriers. Requirements differ between airlines so be sure to check with the specific one you’ll be traveling on. Once you determine what the airline requires, check out our huge selection to find a suitable airline approved wheeled pet carrier that’s right for you and your pet.

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Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier
Sherpa On Wheels Pet Travel Bag
I-GO2 Plus Traveler Pet Carrier
I-GO2 Escort Pet Carrier
(Item #: PG-IGO2ESCT)
Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier
Your Price: $109.95
Sherpa On Wheels Pet Travel Bag
Your Price: $106.95
I-GO2 Plus Traveler Pet Carrier
Your Price: $107.95
I-GO2 Escort Pet Carrier
Your Price: $60.95
I-GO2 Sport Pet Carrier
(Item #: PG-IGO2SPORT)
Pet Pilot Pet Carrier
(Item #: MP-PILOT)
I-GO2 Traveler Pet Carrier
(Item #: PG-IGO2TRVL)
I-GO2 Sport Pet Carrier
Your Price: $47.95
Pet Pilot Pet Carrier
Your Price: $175.95
I-GO2 Traveler Pet Carrier
Your Price: $66.99

Wheeled pet carriers make traveling with dogs a breeze. Whether you are looking for a carrier with wheels for just going around town, or for traveling longer distances (including by air), Pet Frenzy has a large variety of stylish, durable, and comfortable pet carriers for all of your needs.

Similar in design as a suitcase with wheels.
Wheeled pet carriers are designed to work like a suitcase with wheels that you can pull behind you instead of lifting and carrying. Obviously, this makes “carrying” your dog a lot easier and more convenient. Wheeled pet carriers are especially helpful for people with a medical condition that restricts the amount of weight they can lift or carry. Even a small dog can begin to feel heavy when you have to carry him or her for long periods of time.

And speaking of suitcases…
If you are planning on traveling with your pet on an airplane then there is nothing better than wheeled pet carriers for moving through the airport. Easy-rolling wheels will allow you to get through the airport quickly and more efficiently. And dogs get a much smoother ride in wheeled pet carriers than with other style carriers. Dogs tend to bounce around quite a lot in carriers that you lug by the handle or in carriers that you wear with a harness or shoulder straps, especially if you're hurrying to catch a flight!

Most of the pet carriers with wheels in our lineup have a telescoping handle, luggage tags, and handy pockets for easy access to essentials such as airline tickets and dog treats.

We cannot emphasize enough that you should first (before buying a new carrier) contact your airline to find out what the size limitations are (not just for the carrier, but for your pet, too). Limitations for pets traveling in the cargo area likely differ from limitations/requirements for pets traveling with you in the cabin. In addition, most airlines require a recent health certificate from your vet.

The good news is that most airlines have complete information on their website, but you may want to call and confirm because the last thing anyone needs are problems boarding their flight. That could be a very expensive problem.

Weight matters.
All wheeled pet carriers have weight limits that vary by model, so be sure to check the weight restrictions before purchasing. For your dog's comfort, most of our wheeled pet carriers have padded or fleece lining. Other convenient features to look for are models that have storage compartments and a shoulder strap or handles for carrying when you come to an area where you are unable to pull the carrier on its wheels. One model even converts easily to a backpack, which allows you to keep your hands free to carry other things.

Double duty.
As a bonus, most wheeled pet carriers can double as a portable crate so your dog has a safe and comfortable place to sleep while away from home. One model, the Pet Roll Around, can be used as a car carrier and has seatbelt slots to properly secure the carrier for ultimate protection. This dog carrier has even been crash tested at 30 mph for pets up to 30 pounds!

In addition to wheeled pet carriers PetFrenzy offers a wide selection of designer pet carriers from small pet carriers all the way up to large. Also check out our motorcycle pet carriers, airline pet carriers (also known as FAA approved pet carriers) and pet carriers for bicycles. Or, tote your dog or cat around with ease with PetFrenzy's selection of soft pet carriers, and Chihuahua pet carriers.

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Whether your pet is at home or on the go, you can find that perfect pet product for him at, including a dog carrier, dog crate, pet carrier, pet ramp, dog door, cat bed or dog bed. Browse our large selection of pet gates and dog carriers online, and you're sure to find one that suits you and your pet. All of the products sold at Pet Frenzy are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.