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Walk Through Dog Gates

Walk Through Dog Gates Walk through dog gates are convenient for high traffic areas in your home.

Walk through dog gates make it easy for you to safely contain your pet while allowing you to move freely from room to room inside your home.

Our large selection of walk through dog gates are available in many sizes and styles. Please contact Customer Service if you would like assistance in choosing the perfect walk thru dog gate to suit your needs.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Walk Through Dog Gates
Walk Through Dog Gates - Metal
Walk Through Dog Gates
All of the walk-thru dog gates in this section are made out of metal which is the perfect material of your pet is prone to chewing.
Walk Through Dog Gates - Wood
Walk Through Dog Gates
The walk through dog gates in this section are all made of wood and are available in a wide range of prices.
Decorative Walk Thru Dog Gates
Walk Through Dog Gates
These walk through pet gates are designed with style in mind; decorative metal and wood models.
Walk Through Dog Gates - Special Uses
Walk Through Dog Gates
The special use walk thru dog gates in this section include angle mounts, top-of-stairs, multi-function gates and more.
Walk Thru Dog Gates: Plastic, Wire Mesh, Fabric
Walk Through Dog Gates
Plastic, wire mesh and fabric walk through dog gates are not for dogs that chew.

Pet Frenzy has one of the largest selections of indoor dog gates you can find online. Dog gates are available in many sizes and styles and also with cleverly designed features to solve specific pet containment challenges. For example, if you have a cat that is allowed in the living room but your dog is not, see our lineup of dog gates with cat doors.

NOTE: If you are not looking for an indoor dog gate but need a vehicle pet barrier instead please see our dog gates for SUVs and cars section.

Walk-through dog gates always add convenience and sometimes they are important for safety, too. This is particularly true if you have a very high dog gate that would be difficult or unsafe for some people to step over.

A walk-through dog gate makes a lot of sense if your dog gate is going to block a high-traffic doorway or other high-traffic passageway. These indoor dog gates are designed to allow people to pass by without having to step over them.

A walk-through dog gate is designed to work in one of three ways:

A walk-through dog gate can be more than a handy convenience. If you have an extra tall dog gate that you could never step over it's a necessity. Of course if you get a really small dog gate that is easy to step over then you may not need a walk-through feature at all.

The highest quality walk-through dog gates are designed to be easy to open and close using only one hand and many of them have doors that swing in both directions. Many of our walk-thru dog gates are free-standing dog gates that are built with three or more panels on hinges. One of the panels will be designed to swing open when unlatched to allow people through. For an example see the Highlander 3-Panel Walk-Through Dog Gate.

Walk-thru dog gates that are built with more than three panels offer multiple practical uses, in addition to serving as a dog barrier. These are large dog gates that can be configured into a dog pen or into a room divider as well. For an example of this see the aptly named Cardinal VersaGate which is a metal dog gate or the Richell Convertible Elite 6-Panel Gate which is a wooden dog gate made from eco-friendly rubberwood. Because it is designed with six panels it is also an extra wide dog gate that can block an area that is up to 130 inches wide (almost 11 feet) when in freestanding position.

Walk-through dog gates are designed with one or more mounting options and can be found (along with non-walk through gates) in the following sections of our website:

Freestanding Dog Gates (some come with mounting hardware so you have the option to secure it to the doorway or wall).

Pressure-Mounted Dog Gates that are easy to move around to use in multiple areas or take with you when traveling.

Hardware-Mounted Dog Gates that stay put no matter what if mounted securely. People with really aggressive and/or big dogs usually find these work best for their needs.

Walk-thru dog gates can be quite versatile, and many of the metal gates offer dog gate extensions so you can customize the gate to the width that you need.

In addition to walk-through dog gates we also carry decorative iron dog gates, clear panel dog gates, coated wire dog gates, and plastic dog gates.

With so many available options it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision. Please contact Customer Service at for assistance or call toll-free 800-870-1941 Mon. - Fri., 8AM 4:30PM (ET)

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