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Raised Dog Beds & Cots

A raised pet bed or dog cot offers more than just a comfy place to sleep. Much more...

Raised doggy beds and cots certainly provide a comfortable place for your pet to relax or sleep, but there are other benefits to elevated dog beds. For starters, a raised dog bed will keep pets above the cold ground and away from drafts. That's something dogs of all ages would appreciate, from puppies to senior dogs.

In addition, many are made from practically indestructible materials making them chewproof. Check out the Aluminum raised dog beds by Kuranda as well as their Poly Resin dog bed and crate bed. The poly resin dog beds are also suitable for use outdoors.

This section also includes folding dog beds; some are elevated and others are not but all are designed to be easy to pick up and go.

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Portable Pup Pet Bed - Small
(Item #: CP-80XX)
Designer Cot Raised Pet Bed
(Item #: PG-DesignerCot)
Eco Concepts Habitat 'n Home Pet Bed
(Item #: EHHB10XX)
PuppyWalk Breezy Bed with Canopy
(Item #: PW-BREEZY)
Portable Pup Pet Bed - Small
Your Price: $48.99
Designer Cot Raised Pet Bed
Your Price: $49.99
Eco Concepts Habitat ’n Home Pet Bed
Your Price: $85.99
PuppyWalk Breezy Bed with Canopy
Your Price: $109.95
The Igloo Deluxe Wicker Pet Bed
Portable Pup Pet Bed - Large
(Item #: CP-80XXLG)
The Igloo Deluxe Wicker Pet Bed
Your Price: $164.99
Portable Pup Pet Bed - Large
Your Price: $56.95

Some raised doggy beds carried by PetFrenzy are only a few inches off the ground and are used as orthopedic pet beds because they are easy for older dogs to use. In addition, the tightly-stretch bed fabrics offer all-over, even support and unmatched firmness. This kind of orthopedic support is beneficial not only for arthritic dogs or those with joint problems, but for healthy dogs, too.

There are very few completely waterproof doggy beds on sale, although PetFrenzy carries a couple of the best ones. However, some of our raised dog beds are made with frames constructed from PVC tubing. PVC is a commercial-grade plastic that's tough and completely waterproof so it absolutely will not rust. Again, these PVC doggy beds generally have heavy-duty fabric stretched taut on the frame (providing excellent support) and if given the time to dry out these fabrics will stand up to periods of moisture and rain.

Another benefit to raised pet beds or cots is they help to keep your dog warm when the floor or the ground is cold, they also act as dog cooling beds in warmer temperatures by allowing fresh air to circulate all around. Another added plus is that a raised dog bed will keep your dog up off the damp or wet ground after it has rained.

Of course, if you live in a climate that gets extremely cold you might want to consider one of our heated doggy beds or nesting pet beds which are warmer and cozier than elevated doggy beds. If you have been looking around for extra durable pet beds you'll find Kuranda raised dog beds in the PetFrenzy line-up that are built with frames made from aluminum, steel or PVC tubing, with some models featuring PVC chew guards for added protection. The Kuranda aluminum doggy beds are just about indestructible and are guaranteed chewproof. In addition, the bed fabrics used in Kuranda raised pet beds are also heavy-duty and chew resistant (such as canvas or Cordura fabric).

When it comes to flea and tick infestation we're sure you'll agree that any extra protection is welcome. Raised dog beds, because they are up off the ground, help deter fleas and ticks from jumping on your dog.

If you and your dog travel together a lot - or even if you don't -- you might be interested in canopy-style raised dog beds. While canopy-style beds are certainly suitable for your backyard, they are also lightweight and designed to be portable.

Most canopy beds fold up for easy transport and even come with their own tote with a handle. They’re easy to take along with you when you go camping or to the beach or just about anywhere. The awning will protect your pooch from harsh sunlight beating down as well as shield him or her from the rain. When it comes to unique beds, canopy-style beds are definitely on the list.

People prefer raised dog beds over other types for various practical reasons. Either they are looking for superior, even support offered by the tautly stretched fabric of the bed, or they want a bed that can stand up to the elements and/or dogs that like to chew. When it comes to aesthetics these beds are simply designed and attractive enough, but they are not what you would call a “cutesy” dog bed.

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