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PVC Dog Beds

PVC Dog Beds PVC beds are more than durable, they’re just about indestructible - and comfortable, too!

PVC dog beds are elevated on frames made from PVC plastic to keep your dog off the cold, damp ground. PVC plastic is used for plumbing, so it's got to be tough and waterproof. These beds are more durable than most others and they will not rust if exposed to the elements. Heavy-duty fabric is stretched taut over these frames to provide superior orthopedic support as well as a comfortable resting spot for your dog.

See our valuable PVC Dog Beds Info section for these products!

There is a certain amount of confusion when it comes to PVC dog beds. For starters, sometimes they are referred to as plastic beds. This can be confusing because the term “plastic” could refer to any one of three very different types of beds.

PVC dog beds are raised up off the ground on frames made out of industrial-grade PVC plastic. Hence, they are sometimes called “plastic” beds. It’s a pity though, because “plastic” doesn’t sound terribly comfortable. On the contrary, PVC dog beds are super comfortable and offer excellent orthopedic support as well.

The bedding portion of PVC dog beds is made out of heavy-duty fabric that is stretched very tightly around a PVC plastic frame. It is stretched so tightly that there is very little give in the fabric, and therefore lots of support from edge to edge. This kind of support for your dog at rest or while asleep can actually delay or even prevent some age-related conditions such as joint pain.

Of course, just being raised up off the cold, damp ground is a big advantage to PVC dog beds if you are going to use them outdoors, or even indoors if your home is drafty. In addition, PVC dog beds will likely foil all but the most aggressive of chewers. PVC is tough stuff. It would have to be since it is commonly used in plumbing applications. Of course it is also waterproof and rustproof.

If you are looking for waterproof dog beds you can get PVC dog beds with bedding fabric that has a waterproof coating. But even if you don’t spend extra money for waterproof coating, the fabric has air all around it (since these beds are elevated off the ground) and will likely dry very quickly. So, the bottom line is that most of our PVC dog beds are suitable for outdoors and should last for years.

Another category of beds that are sometimes called “plastic” beds are those that contain ultra-soft filling that is partially made from recycled plastic bottles. Fun fact: Recycled plastic bottles are what make polar fleece so cozy and soft.

And finally, when some people refer to “plastic” beds, they really mean molded-plastic beds. These are basically plastic tubs with an entrance/opening and you provide your own pillow or bedding to put in it. PetFrenzy does not carry these types of beds.

However, we do carry a great selection of many other popular styles including nesting dog beds, therapeutic heated dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, and Kuranda raised dog beds.

If you would like assistance choosing the perfect bed for your dog please contact one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives. You can contact us via email at or call 1-800-870-1941 during our regular business hours Mon.-Fri. 8:30-4:30 EST.

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