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Plexidor Wall Mount Bite-Guard KennelPlex Security Dog Door - Large

Plexidor Wall Mount Bite-Guard KennelPlex Security Dog Door - Large

Large Bite Guard KennelPlex Wall Mount Dog Door

The Bite Guard KennelPlex Wall Mount Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy efficient, completely secure, long lasting and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use.

The panel swings from the top and opens with a gentle push and closes automatically without banging. The door can be locked shut when required with the included key locking system.

We spoke to commercial kennel owners and asked them what they want in a pet door. They said they want a chewproof door that is safe, quiet, easy to clean, and with a weatherseal that a dog cannot tear out. These doors meet and exceed those requirements; however, we could not find a chew proof weatherseal. To address that concern, we have closed the gap between the flaps and the frame so if a dog tears out the weatherseal there is less air loss, and the weatherseal is replaceable. These dog doors are perfect for commercial kennels where you do not know if your guest is a chewer.

Large Wall Mount Bite Guard KennelPlex Dimensions:

  • Opening: 13 1/4" W x 16" H
  • Interior Cut Hole: 14 1/4" W x 19" H
  • Exterior Cut Hole: 14 1/4" W x 21" H
  • Overall: 16.375" W x 20.375" H
  • For Dogs up to 125 lbs such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Collies, Setters, Dobermans, Dalmatians, Boxers, Pointers, and Golden Retrievers

Plexidor Bite Guard KennelPlex Wall Mount Dog Door


  • Bite guard trim all around panel
  • 3/8" acrylic panel that swings from the top
  • Designed for commercial kennels but great if you have a destructive chewing dog.
  • Includes pet door with lock, interior frame, exterior frame, sloped tunnel, lock, and stainless hardware. Does not include a steel security plate.
  • Satin Finish, scratch resistant looks good for years.
  • Hardware is aluminum or stainless steel for long life. Hoses off to clean.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: See-thru Plexiglas panels open smoothly both ways with a gentle push. Won't catch dog's paws like some other brands.
  • Two-Way Self-Closing: Panels close automatically when pet has gone through. Mechanism concealed within the main frame. Door doesn't need magnets to come back to center.
  • Close Quietly: Won't disturb you, or frighten pets.
  • Energy Efficient: The panels are molded to form a "Thermopane" effect for excellent insulation, and edged with snug fitting, high density, and nylon pile weatherseal to provide superior draft proofing. Ideal for extreme climates. Tight gap between swinging panel and frame. If weatherseal is chewed out, air loss is still low.
  • Versatile: Unique twin panels need only light pressure to open them, so large and small pets can use the same door.
  • Secure: Doors have key locks.
  • See-Thru Panels: Rigid high impact, shatter-resistant Plexiglas panels.
  • Heavy-Duty Frames: Anodized aluminum won't rust, crack or warp. Available only in Satin Aluminum (Silver).
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. to ensure reliable delivery, and replacement parts service.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Panel or panels will be replaced free of charge if destroyed by chewing within 5 years of purchase. Warranty does not cover weatherseal or local labor.


Pet Door with Key Lock

Exterior Frame: The exterior frame is for trimming out the dog doors if they are going to be mounted in a house door that is 1 3/4" thick. The trim pieces are not needed if the pet door is going to be mounted in a wall. Frame out the holes with the material the walls are made from.

Wall Mount Kit: Bite Guard KennelPlex Wall Unit fits walls up to 12" deep. The wall kits are all aluminum with stainless steel hardware. The outside cut hole is 2" taller.

Plexidor Wall Kit

GUARANTEE: We think you will agree that Bite-Guard KennelPlex Pet Doors are the best-looking, best-engineered, and best value for the money you have ever seen in a pet door. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return it within 45 days undamaged, and we will promptly refund the purchase price in full. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Order a KennelPlex today and say goodbye to...

  • Noisy kennel doors
  • Scratched Doors
  • Replacing chewed flaps

Note: Good kennel design / layout is essential to prevent difficulties for the kennel owner. Specifically, the layout must take into consideration airflow. In the north, you do not want blow through. Therefore, all of the pet doors should be on one side of the kennel building. In the south, you may want blow through or a cross breeze to keep your kennel cool. Blow through is an important issue in a kennel. Decide if you do or do not want a cross breeze before you build a kennel.

What Plexidor purchasers say about the Plexidor Security Pet Door:

"It's the most wonderful door in the world. My Labrador loves it!" Mr. C.H., Texas

"My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service and a truly great product. The dogs love it. Your Plexidor is the best." Mrs. J.S., New York

"I was very impressed with the quality of construction and ease of operation of your door." Mr. M.K., Ohio

"The door is excellent and withstands constant use by very vigorous German Shepherds." Mrs. M.M., New Mexico

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