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PlexiDor Pet Doors

PlexiDor Pet Doors PlexiDor Pet Doors are unmatched in quality, security and durability. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

PlexiDor Doggy Doors are top-of-the-line pet doors that will perform flawlessly for years. And you'll never have to replace a dog door flap - because there isn't one.

Instead the dog door entrance is comprised of twin, shatter-resistant Plexiglas panels that open and close like saloon doors. (Exception: small sizes have one plexiglas panel, not twin panels.)

PlexiDor dog doors are quiet; there is no banging. Heavy duty springs ensure smooth, quiet operation year after year. Although quiet, they are professionally engineered with close tolerances so they close tightly to save home energy. That's what you want in a cat or dog door and a PlexiDor Pet Door delivers.

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PlexiDor Pet Doors
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PlexiDor Pet Doors
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PlexiDor Pet Doors
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PlexiDor Pet Doors
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PlexiDor Pet Doors
Replacement Parts for the Plexidor Security Pet Doors

You might notice that a PlexiDor Doggy Door costs a little more than some other brands. That is because PlexiDor Pet Doors are professionally designed and engineered for excellence. And they use superior materials to manufacture these doors.

Instead of a flimsy vinyl flap to cover the pet entrance PlexiDor Dog Door entrances are comprised of two Plexiglas panels that swing open and closed like saloon doors (except the small size only has one Plexiglas panel).

They swing open with just a gentle nudge from your dog and they automatically close without banging thanks to heavy-duty springs concealed within the thick aluminum frame.

Plexidor Pet Doors are extraorinarily secure and cannot be removed from the outside of your home. What's more, they come standard with a steel security plate that will completely close off and secure the door when you go away for extended periods; on vacation for example.

And the higher cost...PlexiDor owners say they re-couped the extra money they paid for their Plexior Doggy Door with home energy savings. These pet doors close nice and tight; just as you would expect from a high performance product such as PlexiDor Pet Doors.

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