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Plastic Dog Beds

Plastic Dog Beds What are plastic dog beds? We offer two types and they are far more comfy than the name implies.

When you hear someone say they are looking for plastic dog beds, they are likely referring to one of two very different types of plastic dog beds. They could mean eco friendly plastic dog beds with ultra-soft filling containing recycled plastic bottles. Or they might be looking for dog beds raised up off the ground on a PVC plastic frame. Either way, you'll find them right here.

See our valuable Plastic Dog Beds Info section for these products!

PetFrenzy carries small dog beds and large dog beds that are eco friendly. They contain a super-soft filling that is partially made from recycled plastic bottles. That must be why some people call them plastic dog beds, but we think that sounds so uncomfortable...and these eco friendly plastic dog beds are anything but.

Some of these beds even use similar material on the exterior of the beds because it is so cozy and soft. It would be accurate to compare such fabrics to polar fleece, a popular, soft material which is also partially made from recycled plastic bottles. It is also a material that takes and holds dyes extraordinarily well. That is why you see polar fleece in so many wild colors and prints.

Likewise, some of our eco friendly plastic dog beds are designer dog beds that come in a wide variety of colors, prints, sizes and styles. So if you thought you'd have to compromise style or comfort with eco friendly plastic dog beds (and who would blame you?), you'll be glad to know that is not the case.

PVC dog beds are entirely different, but have a lot to offer in their own right. First, the construction of these beds is such that they are practically indestructible. These plastic dog beds are raised off the ground with frames built from industrial-strength PVC plastic. Again, that must be why some folks just refer to them simply as plastic dog beds.

Just being off the damp, cold ground is a nice feature. Plus, if your dog is a chewer, PVC plastic is likely to stand up to it. As you are probably aware, PVC plastic is used in plumbing and so it's not only tough, but it's waterproof and rustproof. So if you are looking for waterproof dog beds, you might consider one of our PVC plastic dog beds. You can get them with optional bedding fabric that has a waterproof coating so water will bead on the material.

Actually, there is a third type of plastic dog bed. It is simply a plastic tub that you put your own bedding into. PetFrenzy does not carry any of these, but we do carry a nice mission style wooden bed that requires you to put your own bedding inside. If you'd like to see it, or our other great, classic-style wooden dog beds like the unbelievably adorable Pet Murphy Bed, check out our Wooden Dog Beds section.

A word about designer dog beds: Designer dog beds are in high demand and PetFrenzy has answered the call. There are probably as many different kinds of dog beds available as there are dog breeds. Pink dog beds, leopard dog beds, camouflage dog beds, frou-frou dog name it and we probably have it.

If our plastic dog beds do not come in the color or style you are looking for you might try browsing through our Luxury Dog Beds section. There are lots of fun, great-looking beds there, too.  

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