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PetSafe Wire Break Locator Kit

PetSafe Wire Break Locator Kit

PetSafe Wire Break Locator:

This item is not returnable, all sales are final. We will replace defective wire locators at no charge.

PetSafe Boundary Wire Break Locator Kit Includes:

  • Wire Break Location Transmitter
  • Receiver with Expandable Handle
  • 50 feet of PetSafe Boundary Wire
  • Two (2) Grounding Stakes
  • Four (4) Gel-Filled Capsules
  • Four (4) Wire Nuts
  • Two (2) Cable Ties
  • Operating Guide
  • One Year Warranty

Required Components (not included):

  • Two (2) AAA Batteries for Receiver (AM/FM radio)
  • Transmitter requires 12-Volt AC adapter - Radio Systems Corporation part number RFA-14, RFA-372, 650-229, 300-006, or Innotek 0400036-1 that came with your fencing system. Notice: DO NOT Use Radio Systems Corporation adapter part number 650-230 or Innotek 0400042-1 as damage to the transmitter will occur.

This product is the recommended replacement for the PetSafe RFA-50.

Alternative Method for finding wire breaks.

  1. Connect both ends of your twisted boundary wire to the first terminal on your transmitter.
  2. Measure and cut a new piece of boundary wire that is 1/2 the length of your boundary loop.
  3. Connect the new wire to the second terminal on the transmitter.
  4. Locate the half- way point along your boundary loop.
  5. Cut your boundary loop at the half-way point.
  6. Connect the free end of your new piece of wire to either side of your boundary loop at the half way point.
  7. Turn the system on and check the range of this smaller loop with the receiver collar.
  8. If there is no improvement in the performance of your system, you may assume that there is a break in this portion of your boundary. Because there is a small chance you have more than one break in your loop, you should also try the same procedure for the other side of your loop.
  9. Once you determine a section of your boundary loop has a break in it, find the middle of that section and cut the wire. Be sure to re-splice the first cut that you made and make it waterproof by caulking with silicone.
  10. Connect the new wire to your boundary loop at the point at which you made the cut in STEP 9.
  11. Turn the system on and check the range of this smaller loop with the receiver collar.
  12. Repeat STEPS 8 - 11 until you find the damaged section of wire.
  13. Replace damaged wire with new wire. Remember that all wire in your boundary loop must be the exact same size and type.

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Item #: RFA-450

Availability: Discontinued. No Longer Available.

MSRP: $99.00

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Optional: Include 12 Volt AC Adapter (An additional $19.99)

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Return Policy: This product is Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable. If you receive a defective item it will be replaced at no cost to you.
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