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Pet Carriers

Pet Carriers Pet carriers and travel totes by Sherpa and other well-known brands come in many sizes and styles for pets on the go.

We offer a large selection of Sherpa pet carriers for airplanes as well as other brands of airline approved pet carriers, travel totes, pet carriers on wheels and so many other sytles. All of which provide your pet safety and comfort while traveling.

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See our valuable Tips section for these products!

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Pet Carriers by Size
Pet Carriers
Shop by size: mini, small, medium and large.
Airline Approved Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers
Airline approved pet carriers by Sherpa and other fine brands - huge selection!
Pet Totes
Pet Carriers
Fashionable travel totes for your small dog or cat.
Sherpa Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers
Sherpa pet carriers are a stylish and functional way for your pet to travel with you.
Backpack Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers
Hands free portability with backpack dog and cat carriers.
Bicycle Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers
Bicycle dog and cat carriers are a safe and fun way to bring your pet with you when you are riding your bike.
Pet Carriers for ATVs & Golf Carts
Pet Carriers
Dog carriers ATVs and golf carts for your on-the-go pet.
Pet Carriers with Wheels
Pet Carriers
Cat and dog carriers with wheels make traveling with your pet a breeze.
Pet Carriers for Cars
Pet Carriers
Cat and dog carriers for cars keep pets safe and secure.

If you like to travel with your dog or cat, you know how important high-quality carriers are, especially when traveling by air. Whether you are planning a trip to the vet or planning an exotic vacation, a well-designed and well-made dog carrier will play a key role in safety and comfort along the way.

Be sure to check out the vast selection of hard-sided and soft-sided bags on PetFrenzy. Every model and style imaginable are available to you. Whether you prefer simple canvas totes or lavish handbags, backpack carriers or duffle bag styles, you will not be disappointed in the many options of products available at PetFrenzy.

Some of the more unique models include the Buggy Wheeled Carrier, Sherpa Monaco, and Hawaiian Garden carrier. There is a product to fit every budget and style.

Most dog and cat carriers feature convenient pockets to store essentials such as treats, waste bags, car keys, etc. Most also sport comfortable padding or lining that is often removable and washable. And since PetFrenzy also sells replacement liners, you can rest assured that any dog or cat carrier you choose will last much longer than you may expect.

Many also have mesh windows as a method of ventilation for the comfort of your pet and so your pet can see what's going on outside the bag (most of all so your pet can see you, which is the greatest source of comfort).

Check the individual descriptions of the dog carrier products we carry to see the specific characteristics of each one paying particular attention to the bag's dimensions. Save yourself the time and trouble of having to return a dog or cat carrier for incorrect sizing. Measure your pet (don't go by weight) and compare your pet's size to the actual dimensions of any dog or cat carrier before making a final purchase decision. As important as that advice is, it is even more important if you intend to travel by air.

We do not recommend that you purchase a bag just because it states that it is airline approved. Contact your airline to find out the specific requirements and limitations for pet carriers for airplanes. It is important to note that requirements differ from airline to airline, and even within an airline. For example, if you are going to be changing aircraft to complete your flight, there could be different restrictions from one aircraft to the other, even if the same airline.

If you plan to travel by air with your dog, cat or bird, you'll want to do two things. First, find out what your airline's requirements are for traveling with an animal. Rules and restrictions vary from airline to airline on the size and weight of traveling animals, as well as the carriers they travel in. Once you find out your airline's requirements you'll have the information you need to shop for airline approved dog and cat carriers. If you want to check out the most popular bag for in-cabin travel with your pet see the Sherpa American Airlines Duffle Pet Carrier.

If your dog is too large to travel with you inside of the airplane cabin, there are also many portable dog crates and kennels available for safely transporting your dog in the luggage compartment. We carry a large variety of portable kennels, often referred to as Vari-Kennels, a popular model in the Petmate product line.

Tips for traveling with birds:

1. Experts recommend bringing your bird for a check-up before traveling. A bird that is even just marginally ill could become much worse very quickly when having to deal with additional stress from traveling. It is no fun for either of you if your bird gets ill while out of town.

2. Traveling out of your home state with a bird can be tricky when it comes to rules and regulations because they differ from state to state. Find out from the state's authorities where you'll be traveling if your bird needs a current/recent health certificate. In addition, if traveling on a commercial airline, you'll need to check on the airline's requirements, too. To avoid potential hassle and delay, you should do your research before you make reservations and pay for a flight.

3. If you've never traveled with your bird, it's a good idea to take some short, local trips to get your feathered friend accustomed to leaving home. Many birds have adverse reactions to sudden and dramatic changes to their routine, including new travel bird cages.

You can relax knowing that PetFrenzy only offers the best brands of dog and cat carriers in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. Your dog or cat will be thrilled to join you in your travels. And you won't have to go through any more sad goodbyes as you head out on your trips. Instead, usher him or her into their new portable home and go on your merry way!

PetFrenzy offers a wide selection of designer pet carriers from small pet carriers to large.  Do you like to travel with your furry friend?  Then check out our motorcycle pet carriers, airline pet carriers (also known as FAA approved pet carriers) and pet carriers for bicycles.  Tote your dog or cat around with ease with PetFrenzy's popular wheeled pet carriers.  Browse PetFrenzy's selection of soft pet carriers, and Chihuahua pet carriers.

If you would like assistance in comparing these products please contact us and a PetFrenzy Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you. You can send an email to or call toll-free at 800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri. 8 AM to 4:30 PM EST.

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Whether your pet is at home or on the go, you can find that perfect pet product for him at, including a dog carrier, dog crate, pet carrier, pet ramp, dog door, cat bed or dog bed. Browse our large selection of pet gates and dog carriers online, and you're sure to find one that suits you and your pet. All of the products sold at Pet Frenzy are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.