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Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels

Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels Patio Pacific Doggy Doors for sliding glass patio doors, regular house doors, walls and windows. All feature the amazing Endura Flap.

All Patio Pacific Pet Doors, including their patio panels with built in pet doors, come standard with the award-winning Endura Flap. The sole exception is their newest model which is a patio pet door for cats with a magnetic flap for security. The flap will only open for your cat when wearing a collar key. It will not open for other animals.

Patio Pacific Doggy Doors are designed to seal tightly, insulate, and perform flawlessly for years under normal use. Only a superior pet door could make such a strong claim. Find out more about the engineering excellence that makes the Endura Flap practically indestructible (except for chewing damage).

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Patio Pacific Thermo Panel IIIe Pet Doors
Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels
Patio pet door panels for sliding glass doors with dual-pane "Low E" glass and the Endura Flap.
Patio Pacific Thermo Sash IIIe Pet Doors
Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels
Quickly convert your horizontal window into a pet door with the Thermo Sash IIIe!
Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Doors
Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels
Patio pet door panels with spring-load design; quick, easy "no tools" installation.
Patio Pacific Endura Pet Doors
Patio Pacific Pet Doors & Patio Panels
Door-mount and wall-mount pet doors featuring the "indestructible" Endura Flap.

All mounting styles and models of Patio Pacific Doggy Doors come standard with the amazing Endura Flap. The Endura Flap is a flexible flap that comes with an astounding 15-year warranty. As far as we know it is the only flexible pet door flap that has such an amazing length of time for a warranty.

Most other flexible flaps on the market need to be replaced on average every 2-4 years. So how does the Patio Pacific Endura Flap stand up to extreme temperatures and lots of rugged use year after year? The explanation is a very simple design difference that makes a very big performance difference. The Endura Flap swings freely on a metal dowel so there is no resistance when pets go through the Endura Flap.

Most other flexible flaps are screwed into the dog door frame and when pets go through there is a great deal of resistance and pressure on the flap particularly where the screws are located. In time these flaps will tear at the location of the screw and will need to be replaced.

In the long run a Patio Pacific Pet Door with an Endura Flap is a very good value, even though they cost somewhat more than other brands. If you can afford the investment now, you'll save much more money over the years by avoiding having to purchase replacement flaps every couple of years.

Keep in mind however that the Endura Flap warranty does not cover chewing damage. If you think your dog will or even might chew up a vinyl flexible flap you would be well advised to avoid vinyl flaps altogether. A PlexiDor Doggy Door would be a much better choice if your dog is a chewer.

While Patio Pacific makes pet door models for installation in house doors and walls their most popular models are patio pet doors for sliding glass doors. They are popular because they are very high quality and super easy to install in your sliding door tracks. The Thermo Panel III models feature double pane glass for greater energy efficiency. If you live in a mild climate check out their Quick Panel III models that are single pane glass and cost a little bit less.

One drawback with most brands of patio pet doors is that once they are installed your existing sliding door lock will no longer function. This can be easily remedied with the purchase of a Charley Bar or some people just put a dowel in the tracks of their sliding door to prevent the doors from opening.

Some dog doors for sliders do work with your existing lock, or they can install a lock in the patio pet door that will be compatible with your sliders lock. The following doggy doors for sliding doors will offer one of those features:

It is always a good idea to contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions at all. It is so much better to consult with us to determine you are ordering a pet door that will work for you. Most people don't realize how tricky it can be to purchase the correct pet door, but it is actually the hardest part. Let us help you, that is why we are here.

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