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Nesting Dog Beds

Nesting Dog Beds These beds are just as cozy and comfy as they sound like they would be, and are by far the most popular.

Nesting dog beds, also referred to as donut beds or bolster beds, provide dogs with a sense of security. These beds are usually round and feature high support cushions either most of the way, or all of the way around. Most dogs really love curling up inside these beds and it makes them feel secure to "have their back covered" as they lean up against the high cushions.

See our valuable Nesting Dog Beds Info section for these products!

Contemporary Pet Sofa
Overstuffed Luxury Sofa
Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest Pet Bed
Travel / SUV Dog Bed
(Item #: TRAVEL-BED)
Contemporary Pet Sofa
Your Price: $99.95
Overstuffed Luxury Sofa
Your Price: $149.95
Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest Pet Bed
Your Price: $41.99
Travel / SUV Dog Bed
Your Price: $71.95
Dutchie Pet Bed
(Item #: BW-DUTCHIE)
Round Donut Pet Bed
(Item #: BW-DONUT)
Double Donut Pet Bed
Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed
Dutchie Pet Bed
Your Price: $106.99
Round Donut Pet Bed
Your Price: $84.00
Double Donut Pet Bed
Your Price: $149.99
Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed
Your Price: $85.99
Reversible Lounger Pet Bed
(Item #: BW-LOUNGER)
Luxury Sofa with Memory Foam
(Item #: LUX-SOFAMF)
Reversible Lounger Pet Bed
Your Price: $99.99
Luxury Sofa with Memory Foam
Your Price: $159.95

PetFrenzy has a huge selection of nesting dog beds and they come in all manner of colors, sizes and styles. Many nesting dog beds are "overstuffed" to further enhance the nesting experience. While nesting beds are available in a variety of shapes most of them are either round or shaped like a sofa. (We’re guessing that the theory behind a sofa-style bed is that if your dog has its own, he or she just might stop taking up all the space on yours. But it’s only a theory…)

Here's a fun fact. Did you know that some of the softest, most comfortable material - polar fleece for example - contains fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles? So it only makes sense that we'd carry nesting dog beds with filling made from these super-soft, earth-friendly materials. Your dog would feel great in any one of them and you can feel good about purchasing a dog bed that keeps plastic bottles out of our landfills.

"Nesting" is instinctive with dogs, and that is why nesting dog beds are the most popular among all breeds, large and small. Dogs like the security of having "their back covered" while sleeping and they instinctively curl and conform to the shape of their nesting bed. That's why it's really quite important to get the right size when purchasing nesting dog beds. If the bed is too big, your dog won't get that secure nesting feeling. And if it is too small he or she won't be able to curl up in it.

Be sure to take note of the exact dimensions of nesting dog beds and then compare them with the size of your dog. A lot of companies that make nesting dog beds include weight recommendations for their beds. But weight is not the most accurate indicator of whether or not a bed is the correct size for your dog. Dimensions are the way to go when making a purchase decision for nesting dog beds or any other style of bed for that matter.

Some believe that nesting dog beds are the most comfortable style made, hands down. But there are definitely some other comfy options that may have even more appeal to dogs in certain situations. For example, if you live in a cold-weather region, you and your dog may feel that heated dog beds can’t be beat when it comes to comfort. Or, if your dog suffers from arthritis or joint pain, one of our orthopedic dog beds with memory foam would likely be a better choice than a nesting bed. A dog with range-of-motion issues might have trouble stepping over the cushions to get into and out of a nesting bed.

Nesting beds are generally not suitable for outdoor use because most of them are not waterproof dog beds or water-resistant. In addition, nesting dog beds will not stand up to dogs that are aggressive chewers. If you are concerned about your dog chewing you may want to look into our PVC dog beds. These beds are raised off the ground with frames constructed of industrial-grade PVC plastic and are virtually indestructible. If your dog is a notorious chewer and the description "virtually indestructible" makes you hesitate, then check out our Kuranda raised dog beds with frames made from aluminum or steel.

If you have any questions about our nesting dog beds or any other style bed, please feel free to contact our customer service team. You can send your query via email to or call toll-free 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

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