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Motorcycle Pet Carriers

Motorcycle pet carriers allow motorcycle lovers to take their pets along for a ride.

There are several motorcycle pet carriers available. Choose what is best for your needs and your dog's safety and comfort. Motorcycle enthusiasts love the freedom of riding their bike on the open road. You shouldn't have to choose between riding your motorcycle and traveling with your pet.

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For small and medium size pets, you can choose from chest pouches, tank pads, a variety of crates, and saddlebag carriers.  Chest pouches are motorcycle pet carriers designed to be worn on the driver like a front pet carrier. While these chest pouches are versatile because they can be used off the bike to walk around, it is important that owners test them on their pets to be sure that they are comfortable.  A pet that dislikes a pouch carrier may move a lot and that can be a dangerous distraction to the driver.  Tank pad motorcycle pet carriers are placed on the gas tank of the motorcycle. While safety leashes are used to help secure your pet, this style of carrier does not have a basket, but requires the dog to kneel or stand. Again, because of the location of the carrier to the driver it is important to test this type of carrier to make sure it is safe for the dog and driver.  Motorcycle tank pad pet carriers are not typically recommended for high speeds or long distances.

The most common and safest type of motorcycle pet carriers is the crate style that attaches either to the luggage rack or passenger seat of the motorcycle. These types of motorcycle pet carriers are available in soft-sided, hard plastic or aluminum. Many crate-style motorcycle pet carriers offer a variety of features such as padded interiors, proper ventilation, and openings that allow your dog to stick his head out.  Motorcycle pet carriers that attach to the passenger seat usually require a sissy bar for securing the carrier. Small pets can also be transported in side-mounted saddlebag style motorcycle pet carriers. Using a saddlebag carrier allows you to carry your dog as well as a passenger.

For larger pets, there are two options available for motorcycle pet carriers.  The first is a seat system, which is a larger pet carrier that is placed on the passenger seat and secured to the sissy bar.  These motorcycle pet carriers are typically "open-air", meaning you pet will not be fully enclosed like in a crate. There are also trailer style motorcycle pet carriers available. These trailers look like miniature horse trailers and attach to the back of the motorcycle.

If using an open-air motorcycle pet carrier, experts recommend that you invest in a helmet for your pet and a pair of "doggles", goggles made to protect your dog's eyes from the sun, wind, and foreign objects. With these accessories your canine friend will not only be safe, but will look like a true biker dog!

With motorcycle pet carriers you no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your pet behind when you take a road trip. Now you and your favorite pet can enjoy the open road and cool breezes together!

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