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Metal Dog Gates

Metal Dog Gates Metal dog gates are durable, attractive and ideal for "major league" chewers.

Metal dog gates are generally long-lasting, sturdy and quite attractive. We have a large variety of metal dog gates including extra wide and extra tall models.

Most of our metal dog gates are recommended for either indoor or outdoor use, and their sturdy and durable designs make them appropriate for even the most active dogs.

Metal Dog Gates Make Great Gifts! Someone you know would probably love one.

See our valuable Metal Dog Gates Info section for these products!

Browse Metal Dog Gates
Black Metal Dog Gates
Metal Dog Gates
Black metal dog gates by Bindaboo and many other brands.
White Metal Dog Gates
Metal Dog Gates
White metal dog gates by Bindaboo and other well-known brands.
Metal Dog Gates - Special Uses
Metal Dog Gates
Metal dog gates for special uses such as angle mounts, top of stairs, sliding screen door protector gates and others.
Metal Dog Gates - Other Colors
Metal Dog Gates
Don't want a white or black metal pet gate? These dog gates are available in other colors.
Step-Over Metal Dog Gates - Max. 20 Inches High
Metal Dog Gates
These metal dog gates are very short and are for small dogs.
Decorative Metal Dog Gates
Metal Dog Gates
Add elegance to your home at an affordable price with these decorative metal or iron dog gates.

Different people have different reasons for preferring metal dog gates over other styles. It could be for strength or it could be for looks. We carry many decorative iron dog gates that are popular for aesthetic reasons, which is also the case with our furniture-grade wooden dog gates. Many of these models are free-standing dog gates that require no installation.

Metal is a tough, durable material that is able to withstand harsh conditions and daily abuse caused by rambunctious, large dogs much better than plastic dog gates or soft dog gates made with fabric ever could.

Metal dog gates are also the right choice if you are looking for a dog gate that you can use outside. Metal is the most heavy-duty material available and can better withstand the outside conditions as well as the heavy abuse from an active pet. However, it is important to read each product description carefully as some of our metal dog gates are recommended for use only as indoor dog gates.

Metal dog gates do not come with a lot of color choices. Many (but not all) are available in black, white or mocha. Black is by far the biggest seller. We carry a line of beautiful heavy-duty black metal dog gates that have the look of wrought iron. These dog gates will blend nicely if you have a wrought iron stairway or other wrought iron details in your home.

If there is an area in your home that you need to block off that is not straight across we once again refer you to the metal dog gates in our free-standing dog gates section. Freestanding metal dog gates work best for blocking off irregular and odd shaped areas. If the area you want to block off is straight across but is very wide, see our extra wide dog gates section. These are dog gates wide enough to span from 60 inches, and with the use of dog gate extensions, up to 108 inches. Or, if height is a concern because you have a large dog, see our extra tall dog gates.

Pressure mounted metal dog gates are those which use pressure to secure itself in a doorway, instead of hardware. Pressure-mounted dog gates are a great alternative to hardware mounted dog gates if you're looking to use your dog gate in multiple areas of your home. Pressure-mount models are portable, easy to use and will not leave damage marks on walls or doorways when removed.

Walk-through dog gates are convenient and therefore quite popular. Many of our walk-thru metal dog gates have an special feature where the gate swings closed automatically after being opened. This is added security since many people forget to close their dog gate, especially after letting their dog out.

Some additional features available on some of our metal dog gates are 1) the option for the gate to swing both ways, resulting in an easy walk through passage; and 2) one handed operation, making it no longer necessary to use both hands to open your dog gate.

We also carry metal dog gates for cars, dog gates with cat doors, clear panel dog gates and coated wire dog gates.

If you don't have special needs and are just searching for something simple like small dog gates or large dog gates you should have no trouble finding a metal dog gate to your liking. But if your pet containment challenge is not that simple, let Pet Frenzy's Customer Service Representatives help you find the perfect metal dog gate to fit you and your family. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-870-1941.

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