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Indoor Dog Gates

Indoor Dog Gates Indoor dog gates for the home are available in every size and style you can imagine.

PetFrenzy offers the widest selection of indoor doggy gates you can find online. We carry all major brands of dog gates for inside the home in various sizes, styles, construction materials and installation methods. Today's manufacturers of indoor pet gates have a solution to just about any pet containment challenge you may have in your home.

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Browse Indoor Dog Gates
Small Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Small dog gates come in a wide variety of styles, construction materials and prices.
Large Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Large dog gates for tall dogs are generally taller and stronger than standard dog gates.
Wooden Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Wooden dog gates including furniture-grade, basic accordion style and many others.
Metal Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Metal dog gates are durable, attractive and ideal for "major league" chewers.
Decorative Metal Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Add elegance to your home at an affordable price with these decorative metal or iron dog gates.
Soft Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Functional yet durable nylon mesh or canvas barriers; simple to pressure mount.
Wide Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Dog gates wide enough to close off just about any area you choose.
Extra Tall Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Extra tall dog gates for large dogs and for dogs that jump.
Free Standing Dog Gates
Indoor Dog Gates
Free standing dog gates don't require mounting so there's no hardware to damage your walls or doorways.
Dog Gate Extensions
Indoor Dog Gates
Expand your existing barrier with a handy extension.

PetFrenzy is an Authorized Online Retailer for major manufacturers of dog gates for inside the home including: Evenflo, Four Paws, Bindaboo, Kidco, One Touch, Guardmaster, Kiddyguard, and many more.

If you are you looking for a reliable, sturdy dog gate to keep your dog confined to a certain area of your home you are definitely in the right place. PetFrenzy's huge selection of indoor dog gates pretty much guarantees you'll find exactly what you want, no matter how specialized your needs may be. Sizes run from very short dog gates for small dogs to extra large dog gates for bigger pets.

Dog gates are designed to solve just about any pet containment challenge you may have in your home. For example, if you are hoping to find a dog gate with a cat door you will not be disappointed. We also offer indoor walk-thru dog gates with swing-out doors to allow people to go through. A walk-through dog gate will allow you and other family members to easily walk through the gateway instead of having to step over it.

Indoor dog gates are available in many materials ranging from wood, metal, coated wire pet gates, clear panel and soft dog gates. Why so many options for indoor dog gates? Because people have all kinds of dogs in varying sizes as well as different places they want to install an indoor dog gate. For example, if you have a really tall dog, you will likely need one of our extra tall or extra high dog gates. Or maybe you need one of our dog gates wide enough to block off an area that is much wider than a standard doorway. Extra wide dog gates are made for just such a situation. Many wide doggy gates are designed to accept dog gate extensions to block off even wider spaces.

If your dog is very active or is an aggressive chewer one of our metal dog gates may be your best option. Soft dog gates or plastic dog gates would be a good choice for smaller, more passive dogs but are definitely not for dogs that chew. All of our indoor dog gates are well-built, sturdy and made to keep your dog just where you want him or her to stay.

Selecting the right choice from our array of indoor dog gates may not only depend on your individual dog but also your preference and what will look best in your home. We offer everything from budget friendly clear panel dog gates to upscale, attractive decorative iron dog gates to simple yet functional dog gates made of wood. Or, if you prefer, we also carry a nice selection of furniture-grade wooden dog gates that are attractive and will compliment your home decor.

Along with your choice of material for your indoor dog gate, we have a few different mounting options to choose from. Our free standing dog gates are easy to move around enabling you to use them in different places.

Pressure mounted indoor dog gates are simple to assemble and they are portable. They will not leave behind marks on your walls or doorways because they are secured using pressure rather than hardware. Freestanding and pressure mounted dog gates are recommended for small to medium sized dogs or some larger dogs who are more submissive or less active. We also offer fixed mounted indoor dog gates which are tightly secured to a wall or doorway using hardware. If you have a larger dog or one that is very jumpy, one of our fixed hardware mounted dog gates would probably be the best solution for you.

Pet Frenzy offers many different choices of indoor dog gates so you are able to personalize your dog gate for your home, your dog and your family.

You want an indoor dog gate to best suit your dog, your home and your lifestyle. We are sure to have just what you are looking for with our large array of styles, materials and sizes. Visit us online or call us at 1-800-870-1941 and let Pet Frenzy help you find your perfect indoor dog gate.

In addition to indoor dog gates also carries a good selection of dog gates for cars and SUVs.

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