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Heated Pet Beds

Brrr...heated beds and whelping pads keep furry friends toasty when it's cold and drafty. Wouldn't you want one too?

Heated dog beds are not just for ailing or older dogs. Of course, therapeutic heat does indeed provide soothing comfort for ailing or senior dogs that may have joint problems or are arthritic. But the reality is that any dog would enjoy the comforts of a warm, cozy bed when the temperature falls. PetFrenzy offers heated dog beds and cat beds that come in all sizes. In fact, with over 20 beds to choose from, we have one of the largest selections of heated pet beds anywhere. (We also carry dog cooling beds to keep your pet comfortable in warmer temperatures.)

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K&H Indoor Heated Dog Beds
Heated Pet Beds
Hot dog! These best selling heated dog beds keep your dog comfortable in cold climates.
K&H Heated Cat Beds
Heated Pet Beds
Purrfect for the winter months, these beds will keep your cat cozy and warm.
K&H Outdoor Heated Pet Beds
Heated Pet Beds
Need an outdoor bed? These models are designed for durability from the elements.
K&H Self-Warming Pet Beds
Heated Pet Beds
These innovative self-warming pet beds require no electricity. Just your dog's own body heat.

Most, but not all heated dog beds use electricity as a power source and can be plugged into any standard household outlet. (For safety purposes the heating units have a low-power/low-voltage design.) As a general rule, not matter what brand or style of heated dog bed you decide to buy it should heat to approximately 100 degrees which is considered to be the optimum warming temperature for dogs. K&H Manufacturing, makers of leading brands of heated pet beds, also make self-warming pet beds. These self-warming beds do not require electricity; they warm up using your dog's body heat. They are pretty amazing and certainly energy-efficient.

On the other hand, dog cooling beds generally do not require electricity or any other power source. Most (but not all) dog cooling beds contain a cooling solution that activates once you add water to the bed.

If your dog has achy joints or arthritis, you may want to consider one of our many heated dog beds that feature orthopedic memory foam for added comfort and support. First-rate memory foam beds for dogs use the same quality of memory foam as is used in pillows made for people. We also have a large selection of non-heated memory foam beds in our orthopedic dog beds section.

Heated dog beds are not recommended for destructive dogs or for puppies that chew excessively. It is not safe for a dog to chew on the power cord or heating unit of these beds. If you are concerned that your dog will nibble on the cord you may want to look into a protective covering for electrical cords designed to discourage chewing.

However, if your dog is an excessive chewer we strongly suggest you place your electrical cords through a metal conduit. If that is not an option, then perhaps you should avoid beds that run on electric power. Instead, you may want to browse through our raised dog beds section to find beds that are just about indestructible. These beds are elevated off the ground on frames constructed with aluminum, steel, or industrial-grade PVC plastic (sometimes referred to as PVC dog beds) and they will present a serious challenge to big-time chewers. Especially those constructed with steel frames.

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, you'll be glad to know that many of our heated dog beds heat up only when they are occupied, and only directly underneath your pet. No energy is wasted on heating an empty bed, or areas of the bed that are not in contact with your pet.

If you live in a region where extreme temperatures are not unusual during both the winter and the summer, you may want to consider one of our all-season heated dog beds that also provide cooling for your dog when the temperature rises.

Heated beds that are also waterproof are hard to find, however we do have a limited selection of completely waterproof dog beds for sale, including the Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed that is filled with orthopedic foam and can be used outdoors.

Heated dog beds generally focus on the heating function and don't tend to offer a wide variety of colors or fabrics. Most PetFrenzy heated dog beds have a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine, and many can also go in the dryer. Washing frequency will depend on your dog's lifestyle. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, his or her bed will get dirty faster. All dog bed product descriptions on the PetFrenzy website provide clear washing instructions.

In addition to heated dog beds, we also offer heated throws and pads. Many of these give you the option of plugging into your car's power outlet. So if you and your dog frequently travel in your car together a heated pad or throw might be just the thing to keep him or her comfortable while out on the road.

Size matters with heated dog beds just as any other dog bed. No matter what type or style of dog bed you decide on, you'll want to make sure that it is large enough to allow your dog to stretch out fully.

In addition to heated beds you’ll find lots of other styles in our lineup including nesting dog beds. These have been the most popular style of bed among all breeds for generations.

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