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Hale Pet Doors

Hale Pet Doors Easy-to-install Hale Pet Doors: wall-mount, door-mount, sliding glass doors, screen doors & sash window doggy door inserts.

Hale Pet Doors makes many styles of quality, energy-efficient pet doors in 11 sizes, including hard-to-find sizes. Whatever your needs may be, there's a good chance one of our Hale Pet Doors is the perfect solution:

  • wall-mount and door-mount doggy doors
  • pet doors for sliding glass doors, screen doors, and French doors
  • pet doors for vertical and horizontal sash windows.

See our valuable Hale Doggy Door Info section for these products!

Browse Hale Pet Doors
Hale Door Mount Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
Door-mount: top quality with unbreakable lexan security cover.
Hale Omni Patio Panel Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
Hale Patio Panel Insert for sliding glass doors: Customized for a perfect fit; super-simple to install, no drilling holes or screws.
Hale Wall-Mount Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors for walls are self-framing for easy installation.
Hale Standard Patio Panel Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
Patio Panel Insert: These won't work with vinyl sliders (see Hale's Omni Patio Panels). Top quality with unbreakable lexan security cover.
Hale Vertical Slide Window Model Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
For vertical slide windows: Perfect cat window door & for some dogs. Top quality with unbreakable lexan security cover.
Hale Screen Door Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
For screen doors: Top quality with a fully weather stripped flap.
Hale Horizontal Slide Window Pet Doors
Hale Pet Doors
For sash windows (horizontal slide): Top quality with unbreakable lexan security cover.
Hale Replacement Flaps & Accessories
Hale Pet Doors
Replacement flap kits, GE Lexan covers, magnets etc.

Hale Pet Doors are among the highest quality doggy doors on the market. They are well designed, feature a good, tight seal on the dog door flap and Hale spares no expense in the materials used to manufacture these pet doors. The end result is a pet door that will perform as it should for many years.

Another distinction with Hale Pet Doors is they are made in 11 different sizes in each of the styles offered: door mount, wall mount, window mount (both vertical and horizontal windows) and for sliding glass patio doors.

Such a variety of sizes are not available with other pet door manufacturers. So if you have a dog that is very tall and super skinny, or a dog that is very tall and also stocky, there is a Hale Pet Door size that will accommodate your dog. Hale doggy doors are great for giant breeds such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, etc. Not only does Hale pet doors offer the correct size for these giant dogs, they also are rugged and durable enough to handle repeated use by such large pets.

Hale Pet Doors are customized pet doors so if you have a unique request as far as size that doesn't fall within their standard 11 sizes they can probably make what you need in a special order. Special customized orders will cost extra but it is worth it to be able to get exactly what you need.

Four words of caution if you do want to order a customize Hale Pet Door: measure carefully; measure twice (even the pros measure more than once). Customized pet doors made by Hale are not returnable.

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