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Extra Wide Dog Gates

Extra Wide Dog Gates Many of our extra wide dog gates can also be configured into dog play pens!

Check out Pet Frenzy's collection of extra wide dog gates for wide door openings. This section includes dog gates that are 60 inches and wider.

Here you'll find extra wide dog gates made with wood, metal, fabric and plastic. Many of our extra wide dog gates offer optional extensions. You can add extensions to customize a dog gate that is up to 108 inches wide.

See our valuable Extra Wide Dog Gates Info section for these products!

Browse Extra Wide Dog Gates
Extra Wide Dog Gates - Wooden
Extra Wide Dog Gates
Extra wide dog gates made out of wood - some are hardwood and decorative and some are basic expansion gates. Something for everyone!
Metal Dog Gates - Extra Wide
Extra Wide Dog Gates
Extra wide metal dog gates by Carlson Pet Gates, North States Pet Gates & Others - FREE SHIPPING & LOW PRICES!
Extra Wide Dog Gates - Fabric or Plastic Construction
Extra Wide Dog Gates
Extra wide dog gates made with fabric or plastic; most have adjustable widths.

Pet Frenzy's extra wide dog gates for the house are available for various applications. (See dog gates for cars and SUVs if you are not looking for indoor dog gate models.)

We carry extra wide dog gates that can be pressure mounted, free standing, or hardware mounted. Both pressure mounted dog gates and free standing dog gates are portable making them easy to use in more than one area of your home, or even bring along with you when traveling. Hardware-mounted dog gates are a more permanent pet containment solution.

Many of our free standing extra wide dog gates easily fold up so you can store them away in a closet when not in use. Please be aware that extra wide dog gates that are free-standing may lose their stability as the width of the gate increases. However, selecting a more sturdy material for your extra wide dog gates may help improve the stability. Metal dog gates and wooden dog gates are a more durable and stable containment solution when compared to lightweight plastic dog gates or soft dog gates made with mesh or fabric.

Extra wide dog gates are not proportionately tall - even though they are wide you can still choose a small dog gate that is extra wide but isn't very tall. Of course if you need an extra tall dog gate we have plenty of them from which to choose.

Many of the extra wide dog gates in our lineup offer optional dog gate extensions. Extensions increase the options where you can use your gate, since you can use the gate in a standard doorway, and also in a wide space with the use of the expansion panels. The extensions are easily installed with minimal hardware involved. Expandable dog gates such as those that open and close like an accordian are the perfect solution if you are looking to use your dog gate in a variety of different openings with varying widths.

There are other features you may want to consider if your extra wide dog gate is closing off a high-traffic area. Walk-through dog gates are designed to contain pets yet still allow people to easily pass through. If you have a cat that is allowed to "walk-through" check out our dog gates with cat doors.

In addition to extra wide models we carry other styles in many sizes - from small to large dog gates. See decorative iron dog gates, clear panel dog gates and coated wire dog gates.

With such a large selection of extra wide dog gates, Pet Frenzy is sure to have the ideal dog gate you've been searching for. Visit our website to check out our assortment or call us at 1-800-870-1941 if you need assistance in finding the perfect extra wide dog gate for you and your dog.

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