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Electronic Patio Pet Doors

Electronic Patio Pet Doors Electronic patio panel pet door inserts from High Tech Pet, Patio Pacific & Ideal.

An electronic patio pet door is collar-activated and provides protection from unwanted animals gaining access to your home.

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AutoSlide Smart Pet Tag Door Kit
AutoSlide Motion Sensor Patio Door Opener
High Tech Power Patio Pet Door - Medium
(Item #: HITEC-PX-1SGR)
High Tech Large POWER PET Patio Door
(Item #: HITEC-PX-2SGR)
AutoSlide Smart Pet Tag Door Kit
Your Price: $890.00
AutoSlide Motion Sensor Patio Door Opener
Your Price: $449.99
High Tech Power Patio Pet Door - Medium
Your Price: $464.99
High Tech Large POWER PET Patio Door
Your Price: $549.99
Ideal Pet Patio Electronic Cat Door
Ideal Pet Patio Electronic Cat Door
Your Price: $249.99

Electronic pet doors are a perfect solution if you live in an area with raccoons or other animals and want to use a pet door.

Aside from being energy efficient and more secure than most traditional flap style pet doors, the primary benefit of electronic pet doors is they provide selective entry through use of a special collar that activates the door.  Only pets wearing the special collar can enter or exit.

Electronic pet doors can therefore provide an excellent method to allow your pets the freedom they desire without the risk of granting unwelcome access to your home of animals like stray dogs and cats, raccoons, opossums, and others.

Some cat owners have complained that using traditional pet doors allow their cats to enter and exit their house freely. The problem is their cats bring caught birds and small animals into their home.  With the use of electronic pet doors, a special collar is worn by the dog so the door will only open for him.  Without the collar, the cat cannot go outside.

There are several types of electronic pet doors on the market today.  RFID (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) technologies are the more expensive models.  The most popular brands of these electronic pet doors are Plexidor and Staywell.  Staywell is owned by Radio Systems, who also manufacturers PetSafe electronic pet doors.  Plexidor makes RFID electronic pet doors.  Staywell makes infrared electronic pet doors, mostly designed for cats.  Infrared pet doors work best when not installed in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

Other types of electronic pet doors use magnets to activate the door. Some models only provide single direction control like "in only" but will let all pets leave the home, even if they are not wearing a special collar.  There are new models on the market today called 4-way locking doors that provide far more control.  These electronic pet doors are generally pretty cost effective solutions.  These doors may not be for everyone however.  Some customers have noted their pets can pickup metallic items from around the house as the pet essentially has a magnet attached to their collar.  Another common complaint is sometimes household appliance with strong electric motors like a washer or dryer may trigger the doors to unintentionally open and close.

High Tech Pet offers some guillotine style electronic pet doors in popular sizes for most dog and cat owners.  These doors use ultrasound technology to trigger the door mechanism.  Again, each pet needs to where a special collar to have access into and out of the house.  These electronic pet doors are affordably priced and have been perfected over the years to perform safely and reliably.

PetFrenzy carries only the leading brands of electronic pet doors and as an authorized retailer, offers full manufacturer warranties and customer support.  Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have about electronic pet doors.

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