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Dog Gates

Doggy gates for the house: freestanding or mounted, wooden, metal or soft mesh and more.

Check out our great selection of indoor dog gates in many different sizes, heights, widths and styles. Choose from basic, no-frills indoor dog gates to beautifully crafted furniture-quality designs made from natural hardwood or iron. We work hard to offer you a wide range of styles, functions and prices.

PetFrenzy is an Authorized Online Retailer for top brands of dog gates such as Carlson, Bindaboo, Kidco and many others.

Invisible pet barriers for the home include the PetSafe indoor wireless barrier that works with a receiver collar (collars for cats and dogs are available).

See our valuable Doggy Gates Info section for these products!

Browse Dog Gates
Wooden Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Wooden dog gates including furniture-grade, basic accordion style and many others.
Metal Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Metal dog gates are durable, attractive and ideal for "major league" chewers.
Extra Wide Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Many of our extra wide dog gates can also be configured into dog play pens!
Extra Tall Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Extra tall dog gates for large dogs and for dogs that jump.
Free Standing Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Free standing dog gates don't require mounting so there's no hardware to damage your walls or doorways.
Walk Through Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Walk through dog gates are convenient for high traffic areas in your home.
Pressure Mounted Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Pressure-mounted dog gates do not require hardware. All sizes in wood, metal, plastic and soft mesh or canvas.
Hardware Mounted Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Hardware mounted dog gates offer extra stability and strength.
Dog Gates with Cat Doors
Dog Gates
Dog gates with cat doors are designed to contain larger pets while allowing smaller ones entry/exit.
Soft Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Functional yet durable nylon mesh or canvas barriers; simple to pressure mount.
Coated Wire Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Durable coated wire barriers are safe and secure.
Plastic Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Great for the budget minded, but not for chewers! Pressure-mount and permanent-mount models.
Clear Panel Dog Gates
Dog Gates
Barriers with a view...of you. Your pet will be happier if he or she can still see you.
Dog Gate Extensions
Dog Gates
Expand your existing barrier with a handy extension.
Dog Gates for Cars & SUVs
Dog Gates
Dog gates for cars and SUVs help keep you and your pets safe while traveling on the road.
Outdoor Dog Gates
Dog Gates
These dog gates are suitable for outdoor use on decks, patios, yards, etc.

Is your dog continually going into rooms that it is not allowed in like the nursery, your bedroom, your brand new living room, or your kitchen?  Maybe you just want to restrict your dog's freedom to a certain area or room when you are not at home or at night?  Then you might be interested in purchasing one of the many dog gates designed to do just that...limit your dog's access.

Similar to baby gates, dog gates are a useful product to constrain movement in your home and to keep your pet out of harm's way.  Indoor dog gates are available in many styles, construction materials and mounting methods. Doggy gates come in many different configurations and sizes - everything from extra small doggy gates to extra big dog gates and wide dog gates that can span up to 108 inches. If you have a dog that stands very tall see our high dog gates.

We also carry dog gates for use outside the home. For example we offer pet gates for SUVs to keep dogs in the back seat while you drive.

If you have a particular brand of dog barrier or doggy gate in mind Pet Frenzy carries all of the most popular brands including Evenflo, Kidco, Bindaboo, Richell, One Touch, Four Paws, Gateway, Cardinal, Duragate, North States, Dynamic Accents, Kiddyguard, and Carlson Pet Products.

Dog gates can be purchased in metal, wood, plastic and soft mesh materials.  Metal dog gates can be lightweight and low-cost products or can be heavy-duty, gorgeous iron dog gates that cost quite a bit more. Wooden dog gates are also available in high-quality, furniture-grade wood with various stains and finishes, or simple low-cost models such as an accordion-style expansion gate.  Metal dog gates are the strongest and most durable; ideal if you have a big strong dog...or if you have a dog that likes to chew on wood.

Regarding mounting methods, we carry barriers that can be freestanding, pressure-mounted, or fixed-mounted.  Pressure mounted gates have adjustable features to hold the gate in place and require no mounting hardware, no tools or holes to drill, and no screws for installation. 

On the other hand, fixed mounted dog gates do require some screws and/or drilling to install. They are the most secure if you need to contain a big, strong canine escape artist.

If you intend to use your dog gate in a high traffic area you may want to consider the convenience of a walk-thru dog gate. These dog gates with doors provide quick and easy passage without needing to step over the gate or remove it.  There are special models designed for specific locations such as the top of a stairwell or in your car or truck.

Some cleverly designed models can even do double-duty by unfolding out and turning into a dog pen. If your dog is tall or a jumper, there are also tall versions of many barriers that will help better contain your dog. There are also extra wide dog gates designed to close off large openings.

If by chance you are looking for dog gates for your car or SUV, then you should look at our selection of pet travel barriers. These products are designed to limit your dog's access areas while inside your car, truck, or SUV.

If you can't find what you need please contact us toll free at 1-800-870-1941 and we'll be glad to assist you. If you prefer you can also send questions to us via email at

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