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Dog Cooling Beds

Hot out? Dog cooling beds and pads will help keep pets comfortable during those "you-know-what" days of summer.

If you want to help keep your dog cool and comfortable in high temperatures during the summer months, we carry several effective dog cooling beds. Most dog cooling beds, but not all of them, contain a cooling solution inside that becomes "active" when you add water to it the first time you use it. If you live in an area where the temperature soars, your dog would love one of our dog cooling beds.

See our valuable Dog Cooling Beds Info section for these products!

Cool Bed III Pet Bed
(Item #: COOLBED)
Hound Cooler - 11 x 22 Dog Cooling Pad
Cool Bed III Pet Bed
Your Price: $49.95
Hound Cooler - 11 x 22 Dog Cooling Pad
Your Price: $99.95

Being exposed to extreme, high temperatures will make your dog uncomfortable, but excessive heat can also be very dangerous. If you live in a hot climate, check out our dog cooling beds ranging in size from small to large dog beds. The following tips provide information on our dog cooling beds as well as some precautions to take with dogs in hot weather.

Dog cooling beds are a real treat for dogs during the hottest time of year. To add to your dog's comfort, we recommend that you place dog cooling beds in the coolest spot possible. In your home that might be the basement or some other lower floor. Outdoors it would be good to select the darkest, shadiest spot you can find. What you want to prevent is heatstroke because your dog can get seriously ill, even fatally ill.

Dog cooling beds are good for when you travel with your dog in the car, but they cannot protect your dog from extreme temperatures inside a parked car.

WARNING: Never, ever leave your dog in a parked car in warm temperatures, not even with one of the dog cooling beds available on the market. According to PETA, even if you park in the shade on a 78 degree (Fahrenheit), the temperature inside a car quickly becomes a whopping 90 degrees. Further, the inside of a car that is parked in the sun will soar to 160 degrees in minutes.
If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you get four seasons, that means it's likely that you and your dog deal with extreme cold temperatures during certain times of the year. PetFrenzy offers dog beds that do "double duty", they perform as both dog cooling beds and heated dog beds. To see all we have to offer to help keep your dog warm when it's cold check out our Heated Dog Beds.

Those who live in regions with more moderate summer temperatures might not need dog cooling beds. Our Raised Dog Beds could be a better solution. Raised dog beds help to keep dogs cool because they allow air to circulate all around their body.

Raised dog beds offer some other practical features as well. Several of the raised dog beds for sale at PetFrenzy have frames that are constructed of PVC tubing. PVC plastic is super tough, and can be used indoors or outdoors because it can't rust. PVC dog beds are also chew proof dog beds. Don't confuse them with plastic dog beds. Plastic dog beds is a term used that usually refers to dog beds with filling made from recylced plastic bottles.

If you think your dog could ever get through industrial strength PVC plastic fear not: check out our raised dog bed with a steel frame. As far as we know, no dog has ever chewed through steel... . Final analysis: if you are shopping around for durable dog beds you can't go wrong with one of PetFrenzy's raised dog beds.

Other practical benefits of raised dog beds are they make it more difficult for fleas and ticks to jump on your dog, and they offer superior, even support for your dog while at rest. The tougher-than-canvas fabric used for the bed is stretched very tightly around the raised dog bed frame. A dog bed that offers excellent support will help bring relief to a dog with joint pain or arthritis, or can help to prevent or delay age-related joint problems down the road.

These dog beds are not what you might call waterproof dog beds, but they are certainly very, very, very, water-resistant. (However some beds do offer optional bed fabric with a waterproof coating.) Of course, the PVC tubing is 100% waterproof, but the super-tough fabric (like an industrial canvas) is breathable and will dry out completely after being soaked by rain and will be none the worse for wear.

If you are looking for dog cooling beds with aesthetic flair, the news is not so good. Generally speaking, dog cooling beds simply are not designer dog beds. While they are unique dog beds in their own right, they are not (and don't try to be) on the cutting edge of interior fashion designs. To see the latest in dog bed fashion trends, such as pink dog beds (which are usually small dog beds) or leopard dog beds, go to our Luxury Dog Beds section.

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