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Dog Beds

Dog Beds Not all doggy beds are alike; we make it easy to find the perfect one for your pet.

There are almost as many "breeds" of dog beds for sale as there are dogs. PetFrenzy has done the research so you can find all the different kinds of pet beds all in one place: heated, wooden, nesting, orthopedic, bolster pillow doggy beds and so many more.

With such a huge selection of quality dog beds, and in so many different styles, shapes and colors, we're confident we've got exactly what you're looking for.

See our valuable Pet Bed Info section for these products!

Browse Dog Beds
Nesting Dog Beds
Dog Beds
These beds are just as cozy and comfy as they sound like they would be, and are by far the most popular.
Dog Cooling Beds
Dog Beds
Hot out? Dog cooling beds and pads will help keep pets comfortable during those "you-know-what" days of summer.
Orthopedic Dog Beds
Dog Beds
Orthopedic foam beds can help to improve quality of life for dogs with sore muscles, arthritis or joint pain.
Furniture Dog Beds
Dog Beds
Furniture-grade wooden dog beds to compliment your home's decor.
Raised Dog Beds & Cots
Dog Beds
A raised pet bed or dog cot offers more than just a comfy place to sleep. Much more...
Heated Pet Beds
Dog Beds
Brrr...heated beds and whelping pads keep furry friends toasty when it's cold and drafty. Wouldn't you want one too?
Cedar Dog Beds
Dog Beds
Cedar doggy beds have cedar chips or shavings included in the bed filling that help deter fleas, ticks and odors.
Outdoor Dog Beds
Dog Beds
Great by the pool, on the patio, at a campsite...just about anywhere outdoors.
Dog Pads & Mats
Dog Beds
To make a comfy spot use dog pads, mats and low-rise beds for crates, carriers and dog houses.
Waterproof Dog Beds
Dog Beds
Waterproof dog beds are great for by the pool, on a boat or anywhere else that your dog's bed won't get a chance to dry out.
PVC Dog Beds
Dog Beds
PVC beds are more than durable, they’re just about indestructible - and comfortable, too!
Large Dog Beds
Dog Beds
You'll find plenty of large dog beds for your big dog right here. Big dogs need lots of space to run, play and sleep.
Small Dog Beds
Dog Beds
PetFrenzy offers a wide variety of small dog beds your petite pooch will absolutely love.
Chew-Proof Dog Beds
Dog Beds
If your dog is a champion chewer, check out our chew-proof dog beds for sale.

When purchasing a bed for your dog it is important to choose the correct size. Most manufacturers include weight recommendations as well as the bed's dimensions.

The best piece of advice we can give you in selecting the proper size doggy bed is this: Do not rely on weight recommendations alone to choose a size. It is much more important to compare the exact dimensions of the pet bed to the exact size of your pet, ideally when he or she is completely stretched out.

If you do not know the length of your dog when stretched out, we strongly recommend that you take a measurement before spending money on a dog bed that might not be big enough. Why run the risk of purchasing one that may get ignored because it's not a good fit? (Just imagine what it would be like to have your feet hang over the edge of your mattress.)

Here is some general info on several different types of dog and cat beds offered at PetFrenzy.

Heated Dog Beds
Of course these can be used as cat beds, too, and are great if you live in a drafty home and/or in a cold-weather climate. And they come in many varieties to serve specific needs. For example, some are designed to be used outdoors while others are suited for indoor use only. Either way, they should heat to approximately 102 degrees, which is the normal body temperature for canines.

All of our heated beds are powered by electricity. At this time we do not carry battery-powered heated beds. However, some of our electric-powered ones come with handy adapters that can be plugged into your car's accessory plug.

A word of caution about electrical cords: Many of our heated beds come with a chew-resistant cord. But, if you have a big-time chewer, or he or she has a history of chewing on electrical cords, we strongly recommend that you purchase one of our Lectro Heated Beds featuring steel-wrapped, chew-resistant cords (made by K&H Manufacturers).

Or, you could check out the Critter Cord cord-protector designed to discourage chewing, but it is not made from steel. It is made of heavy-duty plastic that is infused with a citrus smell that dogs do not like. However, if you have an aggressive chewer, you should definitely get a steel wrapped cord, or perhaps you should avoid electric-powered products altogether. Remember, safety first.

The vast majority of heated beds in the PetFrenzy line-up also have orthopedic benefits from either memory foam filling or orthopedic foam. These foams provide superior support which reduces stress on pressure points and on sore joints. For those suffering from age-related joint pain or arthritis, or recovering from an injury, the combination of heat and memory foam will certainly offer welcome relief.

Cooling Beds
Pet Frenzy also carries products that absorb heat from your pet and then lose the heat to the surrounding air providing a dry, lasting cooling effect. Some you simply fill with cold water and that is what keeps them cool.

Others contain a cooling solution that you must activate by adding water to it. That's all there is to it. If you live in a region where the temperatures soar, your dogs will love having a bed that helps to keep them cool.

CAUTION: While cooling beds can help keep your dog comfortable while riding in a hot, non-airconditioned car, they CAN NOT protect any animal in a parked car. It is never safe, under any circumstances, to leave a dog unattended in a parked car during warm weather months. Not even with the windows open a few inches.

Some of these products are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, others are only to be used indoors. Either way, they will work best if they are kept in the coolest spot possible. In your home that would likely be in the basement or maybe near an air conditioning duct. Outdoors it would be best to find a dark, shady area. Remember that the sun moves constantly, so what is a shady spot at Noon may not be shady at all at 1:00 pm.

Orthopedic Dog Beds
It goes without saying that these specialized beds are beneficial for dogs with arthritis or joint pain. But healthy dogs can benefit from the comfort and superior support provided by orthopedic foam or memory foam, too. A quality dog bed with orthopedic benefits can actually delay or perhaps even prevent joint-health issues in the future.

Nesting Dog Beds
Nesting beds have been the favorite style bed for generations and will likely continue to be for many more. These beds are very cozy and feature high cushions all around. (Some people call them bolster beds.) Dogs generally like to curl up and conform to the shape of the bed and like to have their back up against the cushions. Having their back "covered" provides a feeling of security; they feel confident that no person or other animal can sneak up behind them and take them by surprise.

Raised Dog Beds
We carry the ever-popular elevated Kuranda dog beds. Most of them are perfectly okay to use outdoors, especially those with frames made from poly resin plastic. PVC dog beds are chew-resistant, but if you own a "champion" chewer you may want to opt for a model with a frame made of steel. We're pretty sure no domestic animal has ever been able to chew through steel.

Another benefit with raised dog beds is they keep your dog up off the cold and/or wet ground. Or, when it's hot out, they allow air to circulate all around him or her for a cooling effect. A lot of people don't realize that Kuranda dog beds also offer superior, even support which provides orthopedic benefits. It's because the bedding fabric is tightly stretched around the frame. If your dog is experiencing age-related joint problems, an elevated bed might be too difficult to get up on and down from. But, if your dog is healthy, the support provided could actually help to delay or prevent future joint-health issues.

Waterproof Dog Beds
If a dog bed will be in an area where it constantly gets wet and doesn't have a chance to dry out thoroughly (on a boat or beside a well-used swimming pool for example), then a waterproof bed is your best bet. However, if you just want a bed that can stand up to occasional moisture from the elements then any one of our beds designed for use outdoors will be sufficient. Dog beds that are made for outdoor use are water-resistant and if given the chance to dry out will be perfectly fine.

In addition, Kuranda dog beds stand up very well to moisture and dry out quickly because they have air circulating above and below the bedding fabric. If you choose a Kuranda bed for outdoor use, we recommend that you get a model with a frame built from commercial-grade PVC tubing, because PVC is impervious to moisture and is therefore completely waterproof and will not rust.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us and a PetFrenzy service representative will be happy to help you. You can email or call toll-free 1-800-870-1941.

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