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Designer Pet Carriers

You can purchase all of the top lines of designer pet carriers at Pet Frenzy without the designer price.

If you enjoy bringing your pet with you while you run around town or vacation, do it in high style with Pet Frenzy's designer pet carriers. Pet Frenzy's vast selection of designer pet carriers includes high-quality, durable, and functional carriers that also maintain a stylish appeal. Onlookers will be turn their heads at the fashionable distinctiveness of you and your pet as you tote him around town in one of Pet Frenzy's designer pet carriers.

See our valuable Designer Pet Carriers Info section for these products!

Sherpa Amelia Pet Tote
Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier
(Item #: SP-DUFFLE)
Pet Avion Pet Carrier
(Item #: PETAVION)
Petagon Airline Approved Pet Carrier
(Item #: PETAGON)
Sherpa Amelia Pet Tote
Your Price: $86.95
Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier
Your Price: $49.95
Pet Avion Pet Carrier
Your Price: $71.99
Petagon Airline Approved Pet Carrier
Your Price: $71.99
Slant Pocket Pet Tote
(Item #: SLANT-TOTE)
Slant Pocket Pet Tote
Your Price: $66.95

If you are interested in a pet carrier for you to carry your pet around town with ease, perhaps one of the tote styles of designer pet carriers is right for you.  Pet Frenzy offers many tote style pet carriers.  These totes have medium length straps and are meant to be worn over your shoulder.  If you prefer a more masculine style designer pet carrier, browse through the classy duffle bag style and sport pet carriers.  Whatever your personal taste, you are sure to find one of Pet Frenzy's designer pet carriers to match your needs.  There are even hands-free models of designer pet carriers.  Use one of these models on a walk so you have two hands to push the baby stroller, or on your motorcycle in place of a standard motorcycle pet carrier strapped to your motorcycle's engine or luggage rack.

If you plan on using pet carriers for air travel, many of the designer pet carriers offered at Pet Frenzy are airline approved.  Please be sure to check your airline's pet carrier requirements prior to purchasing one from Pet Frenzy.  Both you and your pet will be tres chic at the airport as you carry, tote, or wheel him from gate to gate in his designer pet carrier.  The importance of your pet's comfort and safety is important to Pet Frenzy, and we carefully select designer pet carriers that meet both your comfort needs and fashion desires.  You can rest easy knowing the mesh windows on each of the designer pet carriers are providing the best ventilation for your furry companion. The convenient pockets and interior leash rings are additional wonderful features in this selection of designer pet carriers.  The comfortable linings and pads in these designer pet carriers are, in most cases, removable and washable.  Pet Frenzy even offers replacement linings which add to the longevity of your designer pet carriers.

If fashion, safety, and comfort are important to you while including your pet in your travels, then choose from the excellent selection of designer pet carriers through Pet Frenzy!

Pet Frenzy offers a wide selection of designer pet carriers from small pet carriers to large.  Do you like to travel with your pet?  Then check out our motorcycle pet carriers, airline pet carriers (also known as FAA approved pet carriers) and pet carriers for bicycles.  Tote your pet around with ease with Pet Frenzy's popular wheeled pet carriers.  Browse Pet Frenzy's selection of soft pet carriers, and Chihuahua pet carriers.

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Whether your pet is at home or on the go, you can find that perfect pet product for him at, including a dog carrier, dog crate, pet carrier, pet ramp, dog door, cat bed or dog bed. Browse our large selection of pet gates and dog carriers online, and you're sure to find one that suits you and your pet. All of the products sold at Pet Frenzy are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.