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Chew-Proof Dog Beds

If your dog is a champion chewer, check out our chew-proof dog beds for sale.

If your dog is known for heavy chewing and clawing, you have probably seen him or her destroy an ordinary dog bed in record time. But you still love your "champion" chewer and would like to provide a nice, comfortable place for your pet to rest and to sleep. These chew proof dog beds will foil all but the most "talented" dogs that are chewers.

See our valuable Chew Proof Dog Beds Info section for these products!

Most of our chew proof dog beds are raised dog beds or raised dog cots. (We also have a limited selection of pillow-style beds in our chew proof dog beds section). Kuranda dog beds are probably the most popular. Kuranda beds are high quality, durable, water-resistant, and provide superior support for less stress on joints. So they are much more than just chew proof dog beds. And, because they are water resistant, they can be used as outdoor dog beds as well as indoors. We carry both large dog beds and small dog beds in this style.

These chew proof dog beds are raised up off the ground on frames that are either made of commercial-grade PVC plastic (just like that which is used in plumbing applications), aluminum, or steel. So the frames are practically indestructible, even the PVC plastic which also has the added benefit of being completely rustproof. So you could leave a raised dog bed with a PVC plastic frame outdoors and it will hold up to the elements. (You will sometimes hear people refer to these beds as PVC dog beds, not to be confused with plastic dog beds. When you hear someone talk about plastic dog beds they are likely referring to eco friendly dog beds with filling made from recycled plastic bottles.)

If you have any doubts about the PVC plastic raised dog beds, then you can always opt for the aluminum framed bed, or the steel framed bed. As far as we know, no dog has ever successfully chewed through steel. It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that wooden dog beds should be avoided if your dog is a heavy chewer.

You have options as far as the fabric used for the bed portion on these chew proof dog beds. For dogs that claw aggressively, Kuranda recommends their most durable fabric: 40 oz. vinyl is a heavy-duty material that has shown to hold up better than all other fabrics Kuranda has tested in animal shelters and boarding kennels. It is similar to what is used on truck tarps and gym mats.

If you are looking for waterproof dog beds one of the fabric options Kuranda offers is called Cordura Fabric. Cordura fabric has a waterproof coating so it will bead if left out in the rain. It has the feel and texture of canvas but with greater durability and is often used in backpacks, shoes, and products exposed to extensive wear.

Elevated dog beds also provide superior, orthopedic support for dogs while at rest or asleep. Whichever fabric you choose, it is stretched tautly over the frame so there is not a lot of give, just even support for less stress on joints. (Go to Orthopedic Dog Beds to see other dog beds that provide superior support, but they are not chew proof dog beds.)

Another advantage of these beds is that they are raised off the ground. Depending on where you live or the time of year, the ground can be unpleasantly cold, damp or wet. If you are interested in heated dog beds we carry a wide variety, but they are not chew proof dog beds. Many of them come with chew proof electrical cords, some are even wrapped in steel covers, but the beds themselves are not chew proof.

As far as aesthetics, Kuranda raised beds are understated and simply designed with solid colors available for the bedding fabric. At this time there are no models available with printed fabrics.

If you prefer you could opt for a pillow-style bed with a heavy-duty cover made of 1,000 denier CORDURA Plus nylon. This fabric will resist tearing, chewing, clawing, and abrasions. This bed is built tough, that's for sure, but if you have doubts because your dog has proven him or herself to be "invincible" then you should probably go for one of the Kuranda raised beds. Why take a chance?

When it comes to the cutting edge of fashionable dog beds, chew proof dog beds are not there. You won't find neon colors or wild prints on the bed fabrics. This is typical of many dog beds that are designed to address a specific challenge, in this case chewers. Other beds designed for specific purposes such as waterproof dog beds are generally understated in their appearance as well.

PetFrenzy does of course carry an abundance of designer dog beds because they are in great demand, but they are not chew proof dog beds. But even if they aren't suitable for your dog, they'd make great gifts for your dog's best friends. We have pink dog beds, leopard dog beds (and other zoo animal prints), and dog beds in just about every color imaginable, and then some.

While you are here you might want to check out our cedar dog beds. Cedar chips help deter fleas and ticks. Nesting dog beds are designed to be super cozy and they are for dogs of all sizes, not just little dogs.

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