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Cedar Dog Beds

Cedar doggy beds have cedar chips or shavings included in the bed filling that help deter fleas, ticks and odors.

Cedar chips and cedar shavings have become a popular addition to dog bed fillings.

Dog beds with cedar included in the filling help to control odors and repel ticks and fleas. You'll find cedar filling in many of our pillow dog beds, and some of those are waterproof dog beds as well. A lot of our designer dog beds contain cedar chips or shavings, too.

See our valuable Cedar Dog Beds Info section for these products!

Waterproof Dog Bed - Round
(Item #: ROUND-WPB)
Waterproof Dog Bed
(Item #: RECT-WPB)
Round Pet Bed
(Item #: RND-BED)
Cozy Cave Pet Bed
(Item #: COZY-CAVE)
Waterproof Dog Bed - Round
Your Price: $69.95
Waterproof Dog Bed
Your Price: $64.95
Round Pet Bed
Your Price: $44.99
Cozy Cave Pet Bed
Your Price: $69.95
Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed
Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed
Your Price: $84.99

  • While cedar dog beds are terrific for a lot of dogs, they are not for all dogs. Some people are allergic to cedar, and so are some dogs. PetFrenzy product descriptions will always include information on the filling material used in our cedar dog beds and all other dog beds for sale. Before you buy any dog bed, whether from us or someone else, it's a good idea to know beforehand exactly what materials are used to make the bed.

  • For convenience, you will also find washing instructions in all PetFrenzy dog bed descriptions. Most of our cedar dog beds have removable covers that are machine washable.

  • Whether you are shopping for small dog beds or large dog beds, we have a large selection of cedar dog beds and it's likely we have one that will accommodate and delight your dog. It's also just as likely that we have cedar dog beds in styles and colors that will delight you.

  • A word to the wise about selecting correct sizes for cedar dog beds (or any other type of dog bed for that matter). It's very important that you consider the exact dimensions of dog beds and compare them to the size of your dog. Ideally, you want your dog's bed to be large enough for him or her to stretch out completely (just as you'd want in your own bed).

    Do not solely go by weight recommendations when choosing a size for your new dog bed because the dimensions are much more of an accurate guide.

  • If you're looking for cedar dog beds that are also waterproof dog beds, or water-resistant, we've got several from which to choose. These cedar dog beds are suitable for indoor use, but they are also outdoor dog beds for out in the yard, by the pool or just about anywhere outdoors. Go to Outdoor Dog Beds to see our entire line-up of dog beds both with and without cedar chips or shavings.

  • Many of our quilted designer dog beds contain cedar chips. Pink dog beds and leopard dog beds are among the most popular designer beds today. Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have pink dog beds that contain cedar chips. We're looking for some but in the meantime the closest to it would be our Round Bolster Pet Bed that comes in a pink bobcat print. We do have a leopard dog bed with cedar chips. It's the Round Quiltie Pet Bed in our Round Pillow pet beds section.

  • At PetFrenzy, not all categories of dog beds have cedar filling. For example, our memory foam dog beds, which are orthopedic dog beds, do not contain cedar chips or shavings. But they sure are helpful to senior dogs with arthritis or painful joints. None of our raised dog beds contain cedar...or anything else. There is no filling in raised dog beds or in raised dog cots. But that doesn't mean they aren't comfortable. Raised dog beds are very comfortable and offer superior even support for your dog while at rest.

    Our raised dog beds are practically indestructible and that is why many of them are perfectly fine to use indoors and outside, too. They are built on heavy-duty frames, some made from aluminum, some from steel, and others from industrial-grade PVC plastic tubing. Some people call them PVC dog beds or plastic dog beds. But what's in a name? The important thing to know is that you could leave PVC plastic outdoors for 100 years and it would never rust. PVC is 100% waterproof.

    The bedding on all raised dog beds offers outstanding support for dogs because it is stretched very tightly on the bed frame. This kind of orthopedic support can delay or even prevent the onset of age-related joint health issues in dogs. Another bonus offered by raised dog beds is that they also help to deter fleas and ticks from jumping on dogs because they keep dogs off the ground.

In addition to the types of pet beds already mentioned we also carry:

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